Autism Breakthroughs

"While research is focused on identifying specific mechanisms underlying autism, families are searching for an understanding of the disorder that will enable them to manage their child and to develop a strategy to optimize their child’s potential"
~ Dr Stephen W. Porges

This journal examines breakthroughs in autism therapy.


Holly and author Kathy Lette compare notes on neurodiversity

Holly recently attended a meeting at Perth-based Autism West and was delighted to meet Australian-born best selling author Kathy Lette.

You may be aware that Kathy's son Jules has risen above the bullying and rejection he experienced as an autistic child to become a TV star. Kathy is author of "The Boy Who Fell To Earth", the tale of a single mum raising a child with Asperger Syndrome.

Holly is seen (above) congratulating Kathy for the Australian launch of her new novel about the 'taboo topics' of autism, sexuality and the sex industry. Kathy is an irreverent and irrepressible speaker who works tirelessly to bring this topic to the table.

The book "Best Laid Plans" is available from all good bookstores.