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1:1 Video consultation by Hangouts or Skype (worldwide)

This email and video consultation comprises:

  1. A preliminary email consultation to discuss your situation and your needs. I can then prepare for our online session. This takes me up to 1 hour.
  2. A live Skype session (allow up to 2 hours)
    1. I take you through my 5 element program in depth (see below) to explain the principles and to outline therapy opportunities. This takes around 60 minutes.
    2. You will then learn a specific vagus relaxation tool for use at home by you/ with your child. This takes a further 30- 60 minutes.
  3. Following this I will provide basic notes. This takes me up to 1 hour.
    1. These will confirm our discussion and include suggestions for future assistance.
  4. You may then decide to work with me to create a custom plan (additional charges apply).


US$350 | There are strictly limited appointment slots. There is a wait list for 2019.

Fees are payable in advance. I will contact you by email within 3 working days to make a mutually convenient date and time. If we are unable to agree on a date, your fee will be refunded in full. After a date is agreed between us, and work has commenced, no refunds will apply.

Holly Bridges offers consultations and therapy suggestions, based upon her renowned 5 element program.

  • Sync: Link body movements & social engagement (engage)
  • Calm: Reduce anger and anxiety (soften)
  • Re-code: Learn a new body baseline (resilience)
  • Integrate: Bring body and brain states together (focus)
  • Thrive: Create optimal conditions for personal growth (spontaneity)

Programs are custom designed and focussed upon achieving lasting outcomes.


Get your eyes, ears, face, voice and body movements working together

Learn to relax and move your body in ways that gently allow you greater access to your senses.

Discover simple and gentle brain/body exercises to connect your eyes, ears, face, voice (social engagement system) to your heart. Experience a safer, grounded and more open experience of being in your body. See the benefits of better eye-contact, better social ability, better thinking and clarity.


Overcome anxiety and soften body states

Make friends with your body and your brain. Learn how to read your body states and calm them from very high to being at ease.

Discover what it feels like to be in your body in a relaxed state and see how your eyes, ears, face all operate better. Develop simple skills to calm’ your system, control your anger and reduce your anxiety.


Upgrade how your nervous system operates.

Teach your system to understand what it feels like to be in a good place physically and emotionally. Begin to know who you are when you feel really good and learn how to stay there even when things get difficult or rough. Re-code how your brain and body interact and set a stronger and more resilient base line in your dealings with the world. Build your tolerance.

Feel this new body baseline and realize how your brain works better in this rewired mode.


Bring together and harmonize your body and your senses.

Study how your eyes, ears and gut can work together to help you better process the information in your world. Improve the choreography of your senses and see how your world - and you – can begin to shine!

Learn how to focus on a desirable goal and attune your system to it; for example to look in the mirror, ride a bike, talk on the phone, speak your truth, bake a cake - and learn to do each with ease and pride. Discover how to 'listen' to how your eyes, ears act as well as how your gut feels - and how you register sensations and information in your brain.

Then learn to improve on it, safely and with ease.


Sit safely in the world and be the best you.

Discover how to get what's yours with strength and spontaneity. Learn how to stay strong, define your boundaries and intelligently and respectfully respond when they are being encroached upon. Figure out how to manage emotional issues, and navigate social and work relationships.

Get curious! Ask the big questions: what do I want to do? who do I want to be? what is the highest and best me?

What are desired / possible outcomes?

Family will better understand and support autistic people:

  • Ways to help them through rough patches.
  • Develop better relationships and a better bond.
  • Gain an insight into how things are for them and how they see the world.
  • Gain confidence in how to help them cope: Less meltdowns, more cuddles, greater empathy and understanding.
  • Discover creative ideas/ways to individually support them.

Typically families are in awe of the person that begins to emerge.

They say things like 'we have never seen this girl before',  'You've let a genie out of the bottle' and 'I feel like I've got my son back'.

My clients begin to effortlessly make eye contact, and become connected to themselves and others.

Often their vocabulary improves, they can begin to talk, or talk more, and most of all, everyone reports that they are more resilient and more spontaneous. 

Therapeutic Approach

  1. People with autism can change and grow and be whole.
  2. This happens from the inside out, and never through coercion or force.
  3. It relies on a bond of trust being forged between the carer and the autist.
  4. Trust is built through respecting the autist's autonomy and free will.
  5. It requires the therapy to embrace neuro-diversity rather than trying to 'force a square peg into a round hole'

Holly Bridges is the author of the critically-acclaimed book "Reframe your thinking around autism" that has been sold worldwide.

Practice Address

Holly Bridges Autism Therapy,
352D Cambridge St,
Wembley, Western Australia, 6014

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