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A.R.T. - Beyond the fundamentals | One day advanced workshop, Melbourne

How to achieve and sustain Body Cognition

This One Day Intensive Workshop is designed for people who want to apply A.R.T. therapeutically, and provides a much deeper grounding in the exercises outlined in Days 1 & 2. It is a chance to learn the exercises in detail, to see the inner workings, and to ask questions. It facilitates an intimate understanding of A.R.T. and provides a hands-on opportunity to see how A.R.T. is applied in a wide variety of circumstance, by learning directly from Holly.

1 day Workshop, Melbourne, Vic:
A.R.T. - Beyond the fundamentals

A one day CPD accredited workshop with author , therapist and creator of the Autism Reframe Technique (A.R.T.), Holly Bridges.

$265 | To enrol, you must have previously attended our two-day workshop. Strictly limited to 30 attendees.

Workshop: Aug 26, 2019 (Registration: From 8.30. Starts: 9am. Ends: 5pm).

Venue: Melbourne Parkview Hotel: 562 St Kilda Road, Melbourne, VIC 3004

Fees are in au$. We will confirm receipt of your registration by email. Payments by Paypal - no additional fees apply. refreshments and lunch provided.

There is nothing quite like this anywhere in the world. It is an opportunity to connect with this new paradigm of therapy and to learn tools for yourselves, your clients and your loved ones. A lot of good can happen when we let down our preconceived ideas about what normal is and ‘should be’. When we do this we are truly present to the people we work with.

Is this for me?

The focus is on how we support growth and change through appreciating and working with neurodiversity. Useful for professionals, therapists, support workers, parents and people on the spectrum. Ideal for Professionals looking to progress to become an A.R.T. therapist.

What does the workshop comprise?

  1. Learn how the nervous system impacts autism, how to reduce sensory overload and how to gain greater mental clarity, through working with the vagus nerve.
  2. Learn how to improve vagal tone, with intelligence and safety.

What are the core elements?

Reframing: Exploring autism from a different perspective; shifting from a myopic ‘deficit’ model - what people with autism can’t do - to one that explores and believes in the creative and intellectual potential of each individual

The Polyvagal Theory: The vagus nerve responds to our internal and external needs and takes us into a flight/fight state but can also take us into an involuntary shut-down immobilized state. Autism/Asperger is a physical response the body has that is a little out of our control that has nothing to do with intelligence.

Neuroception: PVT is based on the principle of neuroception, that ‘The body has a complex network of information gathering that alerts us to safety and danger’.

Brain Plasticity: The brain’s ability to respond and rewire - at any age. Tapping into the innate intelligence of the mind/body. Realizing self-capacity and self-belief.

Unlearning: Ending top-down models of therapy and seeing that the client is at the front and centre of the process.

Codesign: Codesign is a fluid process and not a destination. It is opening our vision; collaboration vs coercion; possibility vs deficit.

Cancellation Policy

Participants may cancel their registration, in writing/email, without penalty up until 60 days prior to the event and receive a refund less a 10% administration fee (Including GST). Cancellations received, in writing/email, fewer than 30 days before an event will incur a 50% fee (including GST). Cancellations, in writing/email, received fewer than 10 days before, the day of, or after an event will not be eligible for a refund.

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