An Introduction to A.R.T. (One Day Workshop for Therapists)

Suitable for:

  1. Therapists and counsellors who routinely treat clients with autism and asperger syndrome.
  2. Organisations that treat autism/asperger who are looking for an innovative new service.

The basis for the workshop

Holly Bridge's Autism Reframe Technique (A.R.T.). Please see this link for FAQs. In particular: Working models of A.R.T. ; Modalities typically employed in ART.

A.R.T. Accreditation

Successful completion of this workshop is an entry requirement for the A.R.T. accreditation program.

An introduction to A.R.T. (full-day workshop)

Session 1: Exploring Autism from a new perspective

  1. The Polyvagal Theory
  2. Brain Plasticity & the potential for positive change
  3. Unlearning
    1. Tapping into the innate intelligence of the mind and body
    2. Resisting the need to control the outcome
    3. Realising self-capacity and self-belief
  4. Changing your mindset as a therapist
    1. Achieving a paradigm shift to a new logic of self-directed therapy
  5. Why coercive exercises fail
    1. The A.R.T. of non-directive therapy
  6. The 5 elements of A.R.T. - Sync, Calm, Re-code, Integrate & Thrive

Session 2: From theory to action

  1. Interoception
    1. How to enhance promote feelings of well-being, confidence and safety through body perception and awareness
  2. The Gate Control Theory of Pain
    1. How touch, pressure and mindfulness can over-ride a pain sensation
  3. Facilitation
    1. Using manual muscle stimulation to influence relaxation, movement and communication between different parts of the body
  4. The A.R.T. process and toolkit
    1. The essential principles of co-design
      1. Co-design as a fluid process and not a destination
    2. How to guide people into the awakening space
      1. Converse with those who can't speak or explain themselves
    3. Bringing awareness back into the body
      1. The Listen, Feel. Move toolkit
    4. How to realise and sustain positive outcomes
      1. Spot and nurture the green shoots of progress
      2. Develop and consolidate the client's personal strength and resilience

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Registrations open Sept 2017