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The A.R.T. Intensive program (Skype)

This program, that runs over 5 consecutive days, is designed to:

  1. Introduce the student to Holly's Autism Reframe Technique (explain)
  2. Rouse his or her interest in the program and process (engage)
  3. Aim to ensure that what is learned is sustained into the future (reinforce)

See this link for FAQs.

Based upon her regular 1:1 program, Holly has found that in many cases this enables the student to make better and more rapid progress, learning though a consolidated and uninterrupted format.

Wait List

There are strictly limited appointment slots. There is a wait list for 2019.

An example of the benefits

The Process

Each program is individually tailored to the needs and circumstances of the student.

  1. Initial consultation (email and / or phone & Skype)
    • This essential element of the process enables Holly to identify the key issues that the tailored ART program will address, from the perspective of the student and (where applicable) parent or companion.
    • It is an iterative process, since the objective it to co-design a process and program that meets the needs of the stakeholders.
  2. Mapping (Holly prepares the program)
    • Holly then creates a tailored A.R.T. program.
  3. Five consecutive day program (Skype - click here for face-to-face option)
    • This starts with an initial session to discuss what the program will comprise and how it will roll-out.
    • This is followed, the day after, by a further 3 to 4 sessions, each typically of 1 to 1.5 hours in duration.
      • In practice, Holly has discovered that this is the optimal length of each session, given the intensity of the program and the need to digest and process the concepts and exercises.
  4. Between each session, Holly is available by email and phone (within reasonable limits) to answer questions and help refine the process.
  5. Several days after the completion of the program, Holly provide and written report, custom Powerpoint and notes.
  6. After a week or so is passed, Holly will run an hour long follow-up session via phone or Skype.

Programs are custom designed and focussed upon achieving lasting outcomes. See our videos for more case stories.


Fees are in AU$. For other currencies, please visit this link for approximate conversion rates. Work will commence within one week of the deposit payment being received. Payments by Paypal - no fees apply.

Mapping: Stages 1 and 2 AU$1000 (payable before commencement)
Program: Stages 3 to 4 AU$2500 (payable before the commencement of stage 3)
Report: Stages 5 and 6 AU$1000 (payable upon commencement of stage 6)

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